HAILSHAM: Revamp for town’s quarterly newsletter

A NEWSLETTER for people living in Hailsham will soon a undergo a revamp.

Hailsham Town Council plans to improve the quarterly newsletter it uses to communicate with residents and community organisations.

It will be relaunched in September under the name The Town Crier, and will focus on articles of interest to residents, including information on the town council’s activities, service updates, news stories accompanied by photographs, consultation results, forthcoming community projects and events, and councillor contact details.

A spokesman for the council said, “The proposed six-page, A4 full-colour publication, will be hand-delivered with much-improved distribution arrangements, as we understand - some residents have occasionally reported non-delivery of their newsletter.

“The newsletter is distributed to approximately 8,500 households in Hailsham four times a year (September, December, March and June), and cost approximately 18p per household/12p per resident.

“This cost, as in previous issues of the newsletter, will be partly subsidised by the continuation of paid display advertising from local businesses, which will reduce the overall cost of production and circulation of the publication to residents and be of benefit to those businesses which place advertisements.”

The newsletter will also have a readers’ letters section inviting residents to write in on key issues affecting them, and encourage residents to get more involved in the town council’s current and future activities within the parish.

Town councillor Tony Williams said the publication is a valuable way of reaching all the residents of Hailsham to advise them on how the Town Council is performing, as well as providing useful information on the council’s services, future community projects and what is happening in the town

He said, “We hope that the new format of the Newsletter will be easy to read, as we have improved the print to make it larger, which should help those residents with poor eyesight.

“Hopefully, this will make it more informative for those who read it.”

“One of the main objectives of the new-look residents’ newsletter is to get more people involved and take more of an interest in the workings of their town council.

“We are here to serve the community of Hailsham and with your participation we can all help make Hailsham a better place for all of us to live.”

For further information on the residents’ newsletter, contact Terry Hall on 841702 (during office hours) or email terry.hall@hailsham-tc.gov.uk