Hailsham: New theatre group where you don’t have to perform!

A NEW weekly community theatre group starts at the Hailsham Pavilion on Wednesday January 25 from 11am to 12.30pm.

A joint project between Sussex Oakleaf and Hailsham Pavilion, the group is open to anyone interested in getting involved in drama, whatever their experience.

The emphasis will be on having fun, starting with trust games to develop confidence, performance skills and create a supportive atmosphere with the possibility of working towards a performance in the future.

There will be no pressure to perform as there are many other roles for people if they prefer to stay backstage.

The group will also appeal to those who want to develop personal and social skills such as assertiveness and for public speaking.

Sessions will be relaxed and playful and an opportunity to get to knows others in an un-intimidating environment.

The facilitator has more than 15 years experience of teaching drama and theatre studies both in schools and in the community.

For more information contact Richard or Maggie on 849524 or Maggie.Harvey@sussexoakleaf.org.uk