HAILSHAM: Moggy’s gone missing from its home in Lower Dicker


SEVEN-YEAR-OLD cat Leo has gone missing from his Lower Dicker home.

Leo is described as slim, white and a very light ginger stripey back and tail.

He has a tear in his right ear.

The owner said, “I have a feeling he has gone too far, has got disorientated and is being cared for by someone else.

“Leo has a heart condition and I am desperate for him to come home as he needs regular checkups and medication.

“He went missing on April 18 from Lower Dicker and we have had no sightings of him since despite doing everything I possibly can to find him.

“It’s the not knowing that is the hardest part, I have tried everything I possibly can to find him in a local area search.”

Leo is microchipped and can be identified if taken to a vet.