HAILSHAM: Locksmith loses licence over two driving offences

A 43-YEAR-OLD Hailsham man who drove without insurance and MOT has failed to convince magistrates he should keep his licence.

Kevin Walsh, of Diplocks Walk, appeared at Eastbourne Magistrates Court on Monday (March 8) and admitted the two offences against him.

Locksmith Walsh, who already had six points on his licence for a previous no insurance offence, said he knew he didn’t have any insurance but had taken a risk when he got behind the wheel to go out to a job on December 1.

The court heard it was snowing on the day and Walsh was involved in a car crash on his way home at the junction with Woodpecker Drive.

Police attended the scene and found Walsh had no insurance and MOT.

He had previously been insured on his Land Rover up until July 2010 when he found he could not longer afford the premium.

Walsh said he was running an independent mobile locksmith business called Round the Clock Locksmiths and that trade was slow.

He said, “A job came up which was worth a considerable amount of money so I took the risk, knowing there would be consequences if I was caught.”

Magistrates told Walsh he was facing a driving ban because of his previous driving conviction.

He represented himself in court and said a driving ban would cause him exceptional hardship.

He said, “I am not making excuses, I merely beg the court to find a sentence for me that does not include a driving ban.”

Walsh told magistrates he would lose his livelihood if he was banned from the road.

He also said his wife received incapacity benefits and relied on him for transport. However, magistrates said they did not believe a driving ban would cause Walsh ‘exceptional hardship’ and they endorsed his licence with eight points which resulted in a six-month disqualification.

Walsh was also fined £33 for having no MOT and £115 for no insurance. He must also pay a £15 surcharge and £43 in court costs.