Hailsham: It’s all change for old brewery site

An artist's impression of how the old brewey will look in two years' time
An artist's impression of how the old brewey will look in two years' time

PICTURED above is how the site of the old Hailsham brewery on Battle Road will look in two years’ time, with the construction of a new care home.

Care UK, the company behind the development, has said it will provide dementia care and will create more than 80 new jobs.

The building was recently used by Apaseal, a tyre maintenance supplier, but in the past was home to Hailsham’s historic old brewery and is a familiar part of the town’s landscape.

But this year Wealden District Council granted planning to Care UK to convert the land into a care home for 90 residents.

When the application was considered by Hailsham Town Council’s planning committee the councillors had a number of concerns. Jo Bentley, the chair of the planning committee, said, “Our first concern was the loss of another employer in Hailsham. Apaseal said they were leaving the area anyway and most of the employees would be going with them, but I’ve since heard that has not been the case for everyone.

“We have asked Apaseal to recruit from the local community.

“We were also concerned about the loss of the building and we were keen that the older features were kept.

“It is part of our heritage and I feel we should protect what we can. But the building wasn’t a Listed Building or in a Conservation Area, so we were immediately between a rock and a hard place.”

Care UK has said it will incorporate the brewery into the care home’s “innovative design”.

James Gant, Care UK’s construction project engineer, said, “The home will combine the very best of old and new. The 1887 brewery building (pictured inset) will be incorporated into the home entrance and there will be pitched roofs in keeping with the area.”

A spokeswoman for the company said it is due to start demolition work in late January/early February 2012.