Hailsham: Independents slam plans for new store

TWO MAJOR plans for the town have been criticised by the Hailsham Independents.

The group was formerly the majority group on Hailsham Town Council and currently has three independent councillors - Councillor Bill Crittenden and Councillors Mary and Geoff Rowe.

A statement from the group has criticised plans to develop the car park adjacent to St Marys Walk and to establish an inert waste recycling facility in Summerhill Lane.

The statement read, “The proposal for the development of the car park impacts on part of the conservation area; surely the term “conservation” means to retain, to preserve not to knock down a building within the area and erect something completely different.

“We question how another big supermarket can make Hailsham ‘more attractive’ as those behind this plan have stated.

“If this application is approved any supermarket on the site will be accessed easily without going through the town at all (as Tesco is now) where is the benefit in that?

“We oppose the application for an inert waste recycling plant in Summerhill Lane as the lane is narrow and the entrance to the proposed plant is on a blind bend.

“In addition, we consider that heavy lorries accessing and exiting the site via the A22 could create hazards for motorists using the road.

“The effect of such a recycling plant could also be detrimental to the adjacent fishery and those who use the facility.”

If you would like to contact the group email johnput1@hotmail.com.