HAILSHAM: Help wanted at bicycle workshop

Some of the bikes which need repairing
Some of the bikes which need repairing

A BIKE maintenance scheme is being launched to help people living with mental health difficulties to put their lives back on track.

The Hailsham Hub of Sussex Oakleaf is organising a bike maintenance workshop for some of its members this summer and is appealing for help from the community.

The idea is to teach new skills or learn to share skills for those who already know a bit about bike maintenance, build confidence and, for those who complete the course, take home a renovated bike to call their own.

Hailsham Police, Brighton Marina and several individuals have already donated second-hand bikes and a bike mechanic has been hired. But the project is looking for more help.

Maggie Harvey, the project co-ordinator at Sussex Oakleaf, said, “While we could hold the course at our wellbeing hub, we would love to find a larger space where we can spread out and leave the bikes during the week, a large garage, empty warehouse, or shop front.

“We are also looking for volunteers to help out, sharing their skills and hopefully their tools.

“Any spare tools people are prepared to loan or donate to the project, particularly 10 and 15mm spanners, Alan keys etc and oil/grease would be great.

“And we can still cope with more bikes that have the potential to be repaired, or bike parts – including cables, nuts, washers etc - that are collecting dust.”

For more information or any offers of help call Maggie on 849524, 07917-682379 or e mail Maggie.Harvey@sussexoakleaf.org.uk