HAILSHAM: Girls end Bryan’s Weakest Link fun

A FORMER firefighter has claimed he was not the feeblest contestant despite being voted off TV’s The Weakest Link quiz show hosted by Anne Robinson.

Bryan Naish, 72, from Orchard View in Herstmonceux, was voted off the show after he got through to the last four contestants because he ‘fell foul of the females’ in the competition and also because he was older.

But he still enjoyed going the programme which was shown on BBC One on April 28.

He said, “I would like to have won but as it was I gave a good run for my money. That is all you can hope for.

“It is something I wanted to do, to have a bit of fun and also to raise some money to help Scouts in Herstmonceux get a new hut after it burnt down.”

Mr Naish said he was definitely not the weakest person in the competition although he admitted a question about Greek mythology threw him.

He was asked for the name of ancient female warriors (Amazons).

He said, “The questions were not particularly hard in essence but you are not sure what you are going to get.

“I was dreading questions on films which I never see, and also pop music and Greek myths.

“And of course I got a question on Greek myths.”

Mr Naish said that when he was voted off he had to walk off the set three times as was usual practice on the BBC studio to give the cameraman the correct footage.

Filming took place in March 2010 taking two-and-a-half hours to create the 45 minute programme.

He added, “You have no idea at the time what they are going to include or exclude.”

Mr Naish also had a conversation with hard-nosed TV presenter Anne Robinson during the programme about Elvis Presley’s relationship to operatic music.

The former furniture tradesman leads an active life.

He fought off prostate cancer more than five years ago and does four part-time jobs including as a tour guide of Herstmonceux Castle.

He was also a retained firefighter in the village for many years.