HAILSHAM: Do you have a fear of clowns?

Clowns at John Lawson's Circus
Clowns at John Lawson's Circus

THE circus is arriving in Hellingly and offering clown therapy sessions to anyone with a phobia.

The John Lawson’s Circus will be at Broad Farm, North Street, Hellingly from May 6-8.

High-flying acrobats, knife throwers and trapeze artists promise entertainment for the whole family but some will not be pleased to see clowns Kakehole and Popol.

According to Ringmaster Attila Endresz, phobia of clowns is on the increase.

He said, “It is surprising how many seem frightened of clowns. Some people react with terror and I’m talking about the adults.”

Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, is believed to be caused by a subconscious fear of the unknown.

Heavy make-up can be seen as a mask hiding the character’s true intentions.

A recent poll placed clowns as the nation’s third biggest fear behind spiders and needles.

Kakehole and Popol are determined to ease people’s fears and remind them the clown is a figure of fun.

Popol, the UK’s only remaining whiteface clown, said, “People are not scared when they get to know us. Sometimes the initial sight is unnerving.”

The duo, who have twice won the ‘Best Comedy Act’ in the UK National Circus Awards, invite anyone with a clown phobia to visit the big top for a special therapy session to conquer their fear.

Kakehole said, “We have developed some techniques to encourage people to overcome their fears.”

For further details or for ticket enquiries call 07860 498833.