Hailsham: Credit Union up and running

A NON-profit making co-operative which aims to combat poverty, promote community development and provide credit at reasonable rates has opened a new branch in Hailsham.

Hailsham Town Council is delighted to support East Sussex Credit Union by providing accommodation for the new help point at the town council offices in Market Street.

Town Mayor Councillor Jeff Bentley-Astor said, “The union will be an attractive alternative to high street banks for the financially excluded.

“East Sussex Credit Union is owned and run by members as a safe alternative to unscrupulous lenders who prey on the poor, including door-step loan sharks and payday loan outfits.”

The union will offer basic loans and savings service to people living and working in Hailsham, with the aim of promoting financial prosperity and tackling financial exclusion in the community.

Many of its members want to borrow sums which are too small to be of interest to the big banks or may not have a bank account.

To find out more email marta@credit-union.org.uk