HAILSHAM: Check out the stars at Night Sky Taster event

STARGAZING enthusiasts will get a chance to explore the night sky at an interactive live Night Sky Taster event at Arlington Village Hall on Friday, January 14.

Eastbourne Astronomical Society, in association with BBC Learning, hosts a stargazing live event from 8pm to 10pm, where beginners will be guided by expert astronomers, at a dark site providing one of the best views of the night sky in the local area.

Visitors will share the experience with tens of thousands of stargazers as part a nationwide event tied into the new BBC Two show Stargazing Live which airs during the first week of January.

Professor Brian Cox will be joined by Mark Thompson, the One Show’s resident astronomer, who will offer tips on how to navigate across the skies. If it is a clear night, visitors will be able to observe the Moon, Jupiter and other objects with society telescopes.

If it is cloudy, there will be talks about what visitors might have seen, as well as the chance to examine telescopes and other instruments suitable for beginners.

The event, suitable for ages eight upwards, is free and no booking is required. Visitors may bring their own binoculars or telescopes.

For more details about Eastbourne Astronomical Society’s Night Sky Taster, contact Gordon Taylor on 01825 873153.