HAILSHAM: Charity ride to help boost computer skills

A HAILSHAM educational charity campaigner has clocked up more than 3,000 miles in less than a week on a mission to help underdeveloped schools in Eastern Europe.

Simon Rooksby, the chairman of Hailsham-based charity Computers for Charities, has embarked on a trip which will include visits to schools, colleges and universities in Kosovo, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Poland.

The aim of the trip is to show them how to set up their own IT systems.

On Monday (May 16) the Gazette called Simon in Romania and he took a few minutes out of his busy schedule.

He said, “I’ve just visited a school in Pristina in the capital of Kosovo and they have absolutely nothing,

“The classes just have schools and books and very few computers.

“My job is to give them advice on how to develop their IT and computer systems, and to see if we can get them some equipment.”

Eastbourne company Vinyl Design has provided the charity with a welcome facelift in the form of a new logo and Chandlers Brighton BMW gave Simon’s motorbike some much-needed repairs – most of which were free.

Simon said, “I’m really grateful for the support given to the charity, as you can imagine undertaking such journeys, especially on a 16-year-old machine, is nerve wracking, but it provides greater access to countries and regions seeking to improve their way of life.

“It’s fortunate that I had problems with the bike before I left, the clutch went and the brakes failed!

“But it was all sorted out before I left.”

“Some people tell me I must be mad to travel thousands of miles to do this, and yes there are risks, and in the past few years I’ve been shot, knifed, mugged, stoned and imprisoned.

“But at the end of the day whether it is here or abroad, if someone is requesting your help, it’s important to lend a hand.”

To keep up with Simon’s trip, visit his blog at http://corporate.computersforcharities.org/blog

And for more information call 840641 or visit www.computersforcharities.org