HAILSHAM: Cash boost is booming marvellous!

Young musicians will benefit from the money
Young musicians will benefit from the money

THE GOTTA Boom Project is delighted to have received £400 towards its project for local young musicians.

The funds have come from the Police Property Act Fund, run by the Community Safety Dept at Sussex Police HQ, following a bid by PC Trevor Perks.

PC Perks said, “I’m a massive music fan and I was lucky enough to be at last year’s Gotta Boom concert at the Hailsham Pavillion.

“I was bowled over by the high standards of the youngsters performing there.

“These are potentially the stars of tomorrow, and without the likes of Gotta Boom, they’ll be passed over as X-Factor and other self-serving organisations promote far less talented musicians due to their limitless funds.

“I’m really glad that Sussex Police has seen fit to support such a superb organisation as Gotta Boom.”

In addition to performing in the Hailsham Carnival Procession on June 18 and at Lark in the Park on June 25, 12 of the Gotta Boom Project musical acts will perform at ‘Boom Night 2’ at Hailsham Pavilion on July 2.

There will be two different shows at Hailsham Pavilion, one at 5pm and one at 8pm, featuring sets from Audio Six, Sutek, City on Fire, Ross and the Wrongens, The Masts, Dinosaur Attack, Tonight We Fly, South of Saturn, Issy Hoole, Hope Rudd, Nick Streeter and Lucas Perks.

Chair of the project Josie Tipler said, “We are delighted at the interest that we have had from local business including financial support from Sussex Police.

“Thanks also go to all of the wonderful musicians and to the founder of the project, Tony Newton who had a vision and is really going for it.”

Tony Newton added, “The aim of Gotta Boom Project is to create opportunities for original and creative performances of local young musicians – often they have to play covers of popular songs in order to get gigs.

“But there are huge numbers of creative musicians who rarely get heard because of this, yet write great songs.

“We aim to source events and venues accessible to all ages so that those too young to go into pubs, the usual venues for gigs. Ultimately we want the public and the management of venues to embrace the new, and support our musicians. They will make them proud one day.”

Tickets for the Hailsham Pavilion shows on July 2 are £5 (£12.50 for a family ticket) from the Box Office on 841414.