Hailsham businesses urged to join forum


Business owners in Hailsham are being asked to join a newly formed forum in the town.

Hailsham Business Forum will take place on October 2 at Hailsham Civic Community Hall from 6.30pm.

The Hailsham Business Forum, which has been set up by the Hailsham Forward Town Team to supplement the residents’ and community forums established earlier this year, aims to provide a new discussion group for businesses and retailers with a common interest in a prosperous future for Hailsham.

They will be able to voice their views and share their ideas to promote Hailsham and bring more people into the town.

The forum will also work to encourage traders to work together to boost the local economy.

Meetings will be attended by members of the Hailsham Forward Town Team and councillors and take place on a regular basis. They are open to all members of the local business community.

The first meeting will look at the town centre improvement works scheduled to take place in early 2016 and provide an update on the scheme, as well as the forthcoming Christmas events in the town.

A key feature of the first meeting will be a presentation by Lyoness, an international customer loyalty scheme provider, and will outline the benefits for local businesses of establishing a loyalty scheme in Hailsham and the surrounding area.

Such a scheme would provide benefits to both local businesses and local residents, by way of discounts or credits.

The proposed scheme would also provide a small revenue for the Hailsham Forward project to re-invest in the town.

Town and district councillor Nick Collinson, who is a member of the Hailsham Forward Executive, said, “Setting up this forum is, an important step as it’s crucial that businesses in the town have an input into how Hailsham develops in the coming years.

”The forum is in its infancy but we very much hope that it can be a positive force for good in the town and help with its promotion.

“Anything that can help promote local businesses is a good thing and clearly the more we can demonstrate that it’s a viable place to be,the easier it will be for new businesses to set up base here in the future.

”We would like as many local businesses as possible to get involved in this new forum.”

Individual invitations will be sent out to all known businesses in Hailsham in early September.

However, anyone who wishes to attend the first meeting should write to please write to Mickey Caira , Town Council Offices, Market Street, Hailsham, BN27 2AE or email to mickey.caira@hailsham-tc.gov.uk to confirm their attendance.