HAILSHAM: A ‘wipeout’ win for Tory party

TRIUMPHANT Conservatives have taken control of Hailsham Town Council and virtually wiped out their political rivals.

The Tories now have 18 out of 24 seats and their opposition, the Liberal Democrats and the Hailsham Independents have found themselves in the political wilderness.

Previously the Hailsham Independents were in control of the council with 12 seats. The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives had five each with one Independent and one vacant seat.

Voters went to the polls on Thursday and following the count on Friday, the Conservatives were the clear winners taking 18 seats. Both the Liberal Democrats and Hailsham Independents have three seats each.

Roger Thomas, the president of Hailsham Conservatives Association said, “It’s a wipeout!”.

Geoff Rowe, leader of the Hailsham Independents, said his party was meeting this week to look at its future tactics.

“We were disappointed with the result,” said Councillor Rowe. “There was a big surge for the Conservatives and they hammered everywhere.”