Gull attack was “like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie”

Seagulls on Eastbourne promenade. July 4th 2013 E27217P
Seagulls on Eastbourne promenade. July 4th 2013 E27217P

A woman who witnessed a ‘Hitchcock-like scene’ in Langney has said dive bombing seagulls are a real danger.

Eastbourne mum Barbara Buza was with her friend their two young children when they saw a screaming woman with blood running down her face and on to the pavement. They were unsure what happened and went to help the distressed woman when a seagull swooped down and attacked another local resident.

Barbara said, “I have never seen anything like it. It was like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie.

“The lady had blood running from her head, down her chin and on to the pavement.

“I got out my tissues and used the whole pack trying to help her.”

Barbara and her friend put their children safely in the car and then called an ambulance for the two women, both in their sixties.

A spokesperson from South East Coast Ambulance Service confirmed they were called to the seagull attack just after 11am on June 20. They reported a woman had a cut to her head measuring 1cm. She was treated at her home

Barbara got in touch after reading in the Herald last week that a local postmen had refused to deliver to certain addresses in Eastbourne due to dive bombing seagulls. The Herald reported that Royal Mail wrote to residents telling them their post would no longer be delivered.

Rutland Close was affected and resident Mandy Laffan told the Herald she thought it was a joke.

Last week, she said, “It is a seaside town, what do they expect? There are no more seagulls in our street than any other.”

Wildlife rescuer Trevor Weeks MBE also joined the debate and said he felt the postmen should don hard hats for the job. Others said the postman and Royal Mail had ‘overreacted’.

But this week, Barbara said, “If this lady on the front of the Herald last week had seen what we had seen, with all the blood, she would not be so angry with the postman.”

Residents who have received the letters about safety conscious postmen have to collect their mail from the Post Office. Royal Mail had previously said they should attend Upperton Road but Norman Russell from the Rodmill Post Office has this week been in touch to say their letters will now be available at his branch – providing a closer, more convenient pick-up point for the residents.