Group wants more cycle paths for Eastbourne

A PETITION calling for more cycle paths in Eastbourne has been recognised by the county council.

Members of cycle group Bespoke organised five petitions which called for better provision for cycling and a shared cycle path along the middle promenade of the seafront.

A total of 3,111 signatures were received in support of Bespoke’s aim to make Eastbourne more cycle friendly.

Jay McNally from Bespoke said, “I think that the petition has shown overwhelmingly that the residents of Eastbourne desperately want better cycling provision.

“The borough council’s research shows that 80 per cent of people want that too.

“There are processes in place that will bring money in for better cycling provision but we are concerned it is not being prioritised enough.

“We don’t want to deprive other transport methods of money, but the pedestrians have the pavement, and we would never encourage cycling on the pavement, and the motorists have the road and money is spent on the roads because nearly everyone is a car driver.

“The roads are busier meaning cycling have become more difficult.”

Bespoke say better cycling provision will encourage more people on to bikes and out of cars, making improvements to people’s health, pockets and the environment.

The petition received support from Eastbourne Borough Council last month and it was recognised by county councillors at the economy, transport and environment scrutiny committee meeting on Wednesday. County councillors agreed to receive the petition and the petitioner’s comments, noting the ongoing work with Eastbourne Borough Council in developing a cycle strategy to help deliver better cycling provision in the town.

The county councillors also agreed to note the recent submission of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund bid which, if successful, would deliver funds to increase cycling in Eastbourne.

Jay attended the meeting, and afterwards said, “It was nice to have an audience for the petition at the meeting on Wednesday and there were some positive responses from dynamic councillors but we wait to see if the funds become available.”

He also said it was the first time a group had raised enough signatures to get it petition before the committee.