Group to run its first ever ghost hunt at Hippodrome

Proof Seekers
Proof Seekers

A ghost hunt is taking place at the town’s historic Royal Hippodrome Theatre on Friday, December 6, courtesy of a new paranormal investigation group called Proofseekers.

The Sussex-based team is running several public ghost hunts and has chosen to host its first ever one at reportedly one of the most haunted theatres on the south coast.

The initial event will mark and celebrate Proofseekers opening its doors to the public and allowing them to use ground-breaking equipment in ghost hunting to dip their toes into this fascinating field.

To honour the occasion, the Cartoon Café next door to the theatre is going to open till 2am to provide hot food for all budding investigators.

Sally Huggett, events coordinator, announced that funds received from this ghost hunt will be used to purchase more cutting edge equipment and to attend more haunted locations across Sussex.

“We are hoping to assist the population of Sussex by offering these public ghost hunts as a means of having a fun weekend, or enjoying corporate team building exercises; and coming to the aid of property owners across the county and the surrounding area who feel that they are being haunted.”

To get involved in the six- hour hunt, which lets you use real equipment and offers you the chance to buy a DVD documenting the experience, visit