Greenpeace boat sails in to harbour


On a mission to save local, sustainable fishing industry and fish stocks, Greenpeace and fishermen are undertaking a mammoth pre-election tour by sea arriving in East Sussex on March 21.

With the New Under Tens Fishermen’s Association (NUTFA), Greenpeace will sail their fishing boat, the Rising Tide, to 25 English and Welsh ports where fishing has a proud history and are in constituencies that have been identified to be among the tightest election races in the country.

The boat will be arriving in Eastbourne on Monday March 23 – and they will be holding a meeting from 6pm-7.30pm at The Garden Bar, The Waterfront, Sovereign Harbour.

Hannah Martin, Greenpeace campaigner said, “During the tour, hundreds of MPs and candidates will be invited to the events and pledge to become coastal champions. They will need to answer tough questions and convince voters that they will put local, sustainable fishermen first if they win the next election. Greenpeace will expose the MPs and candidates who fail to make the grade as this will clearly show the differences between the political parties on this vital local issue. These events are not to be missed, look out for the Rising Tide as we bring the election trail to the coast and force candidates to promise to put local fishermen first.”

Flags bearing the name of the port will be signed by the new coastal champions and will be flown on the Rising Tide throughout the tour.

Everyone attending the events can sign bunting which by the end of the trip will reach over 300 meters long and will be covered in thousands of signatures. The tour will culminate just days before the election.