Green Party announces Eastbourne candidate

Andrew Durling will stand for the Green Party in Eastbourne
Andrew Durling will stand for the Green Party in Eastbourne

The Eastbourne Green Party has revealed that Andrew Durling is to be its candidate in the 2015 General Election, contesting the Eastbourne and Willingdon parliamentary constituency.

Andy has lived in East Sussex for more than 20 years, and in the Eastbourne area for the last 15 years.

A university graduate and a trained nurse by profession and married to another trained nurse, he gave up his profession when his daughter was born in order to support her upbringing on a full-time basis.

“He has, therefore, seen much of life that usually goes unseen, unrewarded, and insufficiently supported, such as looking after people with mental illnesses, mental handicap, dementia, palliative care, or simply bringing up children and running a home,” said a Green spokesperson.

He has set up and run two charities, as well as gaining a graduate diploma in social enterprise and becoming a founder-member of a new local co-operative.

For the past two years Andy has been a very active co-ordinator of Eastbourne and District Friends of the Earth.

He said, “There is a UK-wide ‘Green Surge’, with thousands of people joining the Green Party every month, and there is a very real hunger on the streets for a viable, radical alternative to the failed austerity policies of the government.”