Grant pays for lifesaving equipment for Seaford Lifeguards

Chris Lunn from South East Water and Lifeguard Chris Payne
Chris Lunn from South East Water and Lifeguard Chris Payne

People using Seaford Beach will now be even safer thanks to a grant made to Seaford Lifeguards to buy lifesaving equipment.

The grant from South East Water’s Community Chest Fund of £1,696.59 has paid for a device which measures the effectiveness of volunteers’ CPR technique.

It will help them learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and clear water from airways of people who have been under water.

Christopher Payne of Seaford Lifeguards, said: “Drowning is the third most common cause of unintentional deaths worldwide and we’re committed to offering free adult CPR training to the local community, as it saves lives if performed correctly. Until now, we’ve only been able to teach it theoretically.

“South East Water’s generous grant means we can ensure our lifeguards are given quality life support education and training with the correct resources to instruct others to an exceptional standard.

“We have purchased a device on which we can practice and measure the effectiveness of our CPR technique, as well as resuscitation manikins, including a Choking Charlie, which respond in a realistic way when you attempt to clear its airways.”

Head of health, safety and quality at South East Water, Chris Lunn, said: “Seaford is home to the best lifeguard training facility in the UK and I’m delighted our Community Chest Fund has been able to support the Lifeguards.

“They are a voluntary organisation making a huge difference to the safety of the waters around Seaford and I have no doubt lives will be saved as a result of the expertise to be gained from the new equipment.”

South East Water opens its £30,000 Community Chest Fund to local community groups and charities from September. For more information visit: