Grandmother assaulted by boys in park

Old Town Recreation Ground Eastbourne. August 21st 2012 E34018N ENGSUS00120120821120134
Old Town Recreation Ground Eastbourne. August 21st 2012 E34018N ENGSUS00120120821120134

Police are investigating after a grandmother was verbally assaulted and had dog mess thrown at her by youths in an Eastbourne Park.

A 59-year-old woman was attacked in Old Town Recreation Ground, Eastbourne, on Tuesday December 30, while she was supervising her granddaughters who were playing in the park.

The incident occurred between 1.30pm and 1.50pm, when the woman was approached by two boys, who verbally insulted her and then threw dog mess at her.

Both boys are described as white, aged 10 to 12, around five foot tall and of average build. They were also both covered in mud.

The first boy had short black hair and was wearing a dark coloured jacket with dark coloured trousers.

The second boy had short blond hair and was wearing grey trousers and a dark coloured jacket.

PC Anthony Lusted said, “This unprovoked attack has left the victim extremely shaken. The boys still assaulted her even though she was with two young girls.

“If you saw anything or have any information about who the two suspects could be then please get in touch.”

Readers took to the Gazette and Herald Facebook page to express dismay at the incident last week.

Nadine Groombridge said, “That is awful, children have no respect anymore! What a disgrace to society!”

Maria Souto said, “This is disgusting. This is not the town I grew up in.”

Julie Homan, said, “Appalling behaviour, those boys should be ashamed of themselves, let’s hope they get a guilty conscious and get caught out.”

Yvonne Morgan said, “This is such a worry, I hope they find them! I will think twice about taking my grandchildren there in future!”

Carissa Wood said, “ Not all children are bad! I hate that this has happened to anyone but it’s not right to say all children have no respect!

“ I hope they find these children and make them pay for there behaviour. Perhaps by clearing up the local park off dog poo etc.”

Richard de la Camp replied and said, “I quite agree, only a small group causes trouble, but it’s that small group that ruins it for everyone and they need to be dealt with in a appropriate manner.”

Sussex Police has asked any witnesses or anyone with information to get in touch.

Witnesses can get in touch by email at 101@sussex.pnn. or call 101 with the reference 708 of 30/12.

Alternatively, call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 with any information.