Good take up for hearing aid offer

HUNDREDS of people in Eastbourne have benefited from free hearing checks as part of a drive to help to remove the stigma surrounding hearing loss.

The condition affects more than ten million in the UK and Specsavers believe around four million would benefit from a hearing aid while only two million actively use one.

Specsavers offered to provide free hearing tests for people from their Eastbourne branch, and more than 1,500 locals up the offer.

Martin Dodd, hearing aid audiologist at Specsavers Eastbourne, said, “We were pleased with the level of support from local residents.

“Statistics show us that, on average, it takes 10 years for someone to do something about their hearing loss.

“We know a big part of the reason for this delay is because people are embarrassed about admitting they are having hearing problems.

“By going out into the community to talk to people face to face, we have discussed the problem openly, which goes a long way to normalising loss.”