Gildredge Park will bee buzzing next year

Gildredge Park
Gildredge Park

A wildflower bed is being planted in Gildredge Park to make the area more bee-friendly.

The flower bed is being organised by Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth and Eastbourne Borough Council in support of the Friends of the Earth Bee Cause campaign.

The flower bed will not only attract bees, it’s also hoped it will provide plenty of colour and variety for visitors to the park to enjoy.

Friends of the Earth volunteers will help the parks and gardens staff of Eastbourne Borough Council to do the planting, demonstrating just how seriously Eastbourne Borough Council takes its responsibility towards helping bees and other insect pollinators to survive and flourish despite the many threats to their health and numbers.

Without bees, many of our vital crops and fruits would not grow, and without the pollen and nectar that many wildflowers, herbs, trees and shrubs provide, the bees will not survive and flourish, and we lose many of the glorious sights of nature that we all like to see and enjoy.

Andrew Durling, co-ordinator of Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth, said, “We fully support the work Eastbourne Borough Council have done over the last few months in creating bee-friendly plant beds throughout Eastbourne, and this Gildredge Park planting is a celebration of how far the Bee Cause campaign has progressed since the council unanimously passed its Bee Cause motion a few months ago.”

The bee-friendly planting will take place on Wednesday November 28 (10am) in the park.

Volunteers will be handing out leaflets about the bee cause campaign.

For more information about the campaign see the website

For more information about Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth see