Giant slugs appear during wet weather

AN INFLUX giant slugs have descended on Eastbourne during what was the wettest July in five years.

Despite some scorching days on the Sunshine Coast in recent weeks, the Met Office is still expecting figures for rainfall in this area to be among the highest in recent years – with only eight Julys having been worse for rain since records began back in 1915.

The poor weather has hit local businesses, with ice cream parlour Frusciardi’s saying the summer season had failed to live up to expectations and instead returned profits more in line with the dark and dingy winter months.

However, it is not just people who have been affected by the weather. The town has been flooded with giant slugs and unprecedented numbers of snails – much to the chagrin of local gardeners, allotmenters and farmers throughout East Sussex.

But, while the molluscs thrive under wet conditions, a local charity has seen an upturn in problems for one of the area’s winged wonders.

Sussex Wildlife Trust has been coming to the aid of local bats, who have been left without much of their traditional food supply as insects opt to stay grounded when it rains.