Get flavour of Europe

A CONTINENTAL market is coming to Eastbourne.

The traditional European food and craft fair will be on Grand Parade from Friday until Sunday and those behind the event say the stalls will transfer the sights, sounds and smells of the continent to the Sunshine Coast.

Organiser Olivier Simonin said, “We have new professional continental market traders from France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Holland, Poland and many more who will be wearing traditional costumes, selling high quality products including Brittany biscuits, olives, Italian nougat, cheeses, sausages, fresh bread, German salami, Finnish crafts, Peruvian handicrafts, Italian macaroons and Paris handbags.

“Most of the products on sale will come from each stall holder’s region, where they are produced by small organisations such as, family businesses, farms or small factories using traditional methods.”