GCSE exam results joy for Academy

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EASTBOURNE Academy celebrated a massive improvement in its GCSE results which were announced yesterday (Thursday).

The school in Brodrick Road, Hampden Park, had 53.5 per cent of its pupils achieve five or more A* to C grade GCSEs including the all important maths and English – an impressive 20 per cent up on last year’s 34 per cent figure.

Jimmy Lee who achieved 7A* and 3As, James Baldwin 9A*and 1A and Gabby Martin 5A* and 3As

Jimmy Lee who achieved 7A* and 3As, James Baldwin 9A*and 1A and Gabby Martin 5A* and 3As

However, 82 per cent of Eastbourne Academy pupils got five or more GCSEs at A* to C across all subjects which was down by nine per cent on 2011’s figure.

Keith Pailthorpe, principal at the school, said, “The role of an academy is to ensure transformational change, and these results clearly demonstrate our success.”

Success stories included Ryan Flack, Oliver Stoner and Leanna Vine.

Cavendish School celebrated its best-ever results with 90 per cent of pupils getting five or more A* to C grades and 69 per cent of those included maths and English. The maths and English figure was nine per cent up on last year.

Head teacher Kenny Fitzpatrick said, “I am delighted for the entire Cavendish community, and would like to congratulate students and staff.

“These results are the product of a great deal of hard work and commitment.”

Leah Harris, Tabitha Burden, Isabel Roberts-Rajoo, Zach Adlam, Tom Burke, Ashley Coleiro-Swain, Maciej Grochowski, Bruna Constancio and Courtney-Anne Jones were recognised as being particularly high achievers this year.

Bishop Bell came out as this year’s top state school with an impressive 97 per cent of pupils getting five or more A* to C and 71 per cent of those including maths and English – up from 65 per cent last year.

Terry Boatwright, the school’s executive headteacher, said, “We are delighted by these exceptional results which, not only confirm OFSTED’s ‘outstanding’ grading of Bishop Bell, but testify to the commitment of staff, the fantastic support of parents and the hard work of our pupils.”

Ellie Carde, Gita Deb and Naomi Levack-Payne were just some of the Bishop Bell pupils who achieved multiple A* and A grades.

The Causeway School’s results also topped the school’s GCSE record table with 96 per cent of pupils getting five or more and 61 per cent of those in maths and English.

The 96 per cent figure remains unchanged from last year but the maths and English figure is up from 2011’s 57 per cent.

Mr Boatwright, who is also the executive head for the Causeway, said, “The results show the continued amazing progress of The Causeway School, as GCSE results have increased from 44 per cent to 61 per cent in just three years.”

High flyers at the Causeway included Benjamin Hutchinson with 16 A and A* grades and April Hepworth with 14.

Ellie Mannell, Jade Dawson-McMillan, Olivia Ratcliffe, Casey Hedger, Jack Aitkenhead, Melissa Head, Alisha Hesling and Lateefa Hesling also got A and A* grades.

Willingdon School was also celebrating with 94 per cent of its pupils achieving five or more A to C grades and 67 per cent of those including maths and English. Each figure is one percentage point up on the schools 2011’s GCSE result.

Ian Jungius, head teacher, said, ”For the third consecutive year, Willingdon students have achieved higher level results in the high 60 per cent, exceeding all targets.

“This means that students will progress onto their FE courses of choice and are well placed to be successful.

“I am delighted at their success and congratulate them and their teachers.”

Mr Jungius congratulated all the students but named Matt Ginno, Lucy Jacobs, Rebecca Preston, Sam Baldwin and Becky Marshall who achieved the sought after A and A* grades.

Ratton School was unable to publish its overall performance due to a problem with its English results.

But headteacher David Linsell said, “The school achieved its best-ever results in maths and excellent results in other subjects.

“Congratulations to students and staff for all their efforts and successes.”

High achievers included Jack Baker, Susannah Hearn, Lukas Ondrej, James Powell-Cullingford, Molly Wilson and Tom Cassidy.

The town’s independent schools were also celebrating with 98 per cent of Eastbourne College pupils getting five or more A* to C grades and 62 per cent achieving at least five A grades.

Headmaster Simon Davies said he was delighted but added, “The headline figure is lower than last year’s but the individuals in this year group have performed very strongly against their underlying ability.

“This so called ‘value added’ is something that league tables do not show, which is why Eastbourne College does not take part in them.”

St Bede’s reported 80 per cent of all students got one or more A or A* and 40 per cent of all grades were at A or A* level.

Dr Richard Maloney, head at St Bede’s, said, “Our GCSE students should be deeply proud of themselves, as we are extremely proud of them.”

Moira House girls also did well with 28.8 per cent of the girls achieving A*s, 47.4 per cent getting A* or A and 84 per cent achieving A* to C grades. Principal, Mrs Lesley Watson, said, “We are all absolutely delighted with the achievements of all our students. Their success is well deserved and a testament to all their hard work.”