Games inventor: history

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A retired teacher who started designing board games around five years ago is moving with the digital age.

Eastbourne game inventor John Chambers launched his word game Qb in December 2008.

Qb was Mr Chambers’ second game after designing and releasing Blackhole in 2007.

Back in 2008, Mr Chambers described the idea of Qb as a ‘Eureka moment’ and now, four years on, and he is having the game available for mobile phones and social network site Facebook.

The digital version has been changed slightly and the new game will be called Work Links.

It requires the player to make words with two-letter cube pieces to score huge multi-word plays rather than single-lettered tiles. Mr Chambers says this enables easy word creation for beginners but is still challenging for expert wordsmiths.

The 65-year-old said, “I developed the two-letter feature during many years of research, calculating which combinations enabled the best word creations.

“I’m delighted that my word game has now been brought to life for wordy gamers to enjoy across multiple platforms.”

Mr Chambers has not always had such success in his game making career.

In 2007, shortly after the launch of Blackhole, he took the game to the BBC’s Dragons Den programme.

Mr Chambers was unable to secure investment from the dragons when he pitched his idea on the television show.

Despite the setback, he went on to sell more than 500 sets in just three months and since that time his game inventing has gone from strength to strength.

This latest achievement with Word Links came about when Mr Chambers approached Fat Fish Games.

The company took on his idea and the game, which promises to be ‘bright and vibrant with easy to use controls’ , is now available to download as an app on mobile phones.

It is also on Facebook.

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