Furniture Now! needs your votes

A CHARITY is in with a chance of winning £5,000 and is calling on the people of Eastbourne to vote for them.

Furniture Now!, which has a branch in Eastbourne near ESK, is asking all its supporters to vote for the charity as it closes in on possibly winning £5,000 prize money from LloydsTSB’s Community Fund for its work with young people.

The award will be used to help young people who have made a wrong turn after school, have not received the best support at home or have not got the right grades.

The funds will help support the employment and training of four excluded young people who will be selected through interview as showing the greatest desire and potential to benefit most from this scheme. The successful young people will also receive intensive work on numeracy and literacy before getting their apprenticeships.

Rik Childs, director of the charity, said, “The community will benefit as four people at risk of offending will take pride in helping expand a vital community service.”

The competition will close on September 9. To vote for Furniture Now! to win the money text VOTE BN4 to 61119.