Fundraising biker reaches China

Paul Wilson has ridden from Eastbourne to China
Paul Wilson has ridden from Eastbourne to China
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A PLUCKY fundraiser completed a 14,000-mile motorbike journey from Pevensey to China to raise cash for Lark in the Park.

Paul Wilson, 60, crossed the China border recently after leaving Pevensey Castle on August 15. He has travelled from the Great Wall of China via the ancient Northern Silk Roads in the name of charity.

He crossed Western and Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China and Thailand to arrive in Bangkok at the beginning of November.

Once past Europe the roads became more difficult and required a motorbike designed to travel over rough ground, so Paul chose a BMW F850GS.

Paul said, “I chose that particular bike because, unlike many bikes that are designed for rough terrain, you don’t need a ladder to climb aboard if you are less than 5ft 8 inches tall.”

Paul first thought of attempting the trip on his own but when he researched the route he found MotoExplorers had previously completed a motorbike trip to China and planned another trip in 2011.

MotoExplorers organise the basics required to complete the trip such as paperwork, obtaining licences, pre-booking hotels and planning the general route and waypoints especially for China. Paul had to carry everything on the bike so there was very little room for luxuries

Paul said, “There was a weight limit of about 100 kilos, most of which is taken up by spares and the metal panniers.

“I carried mini sized and light weight everything from the tent to clothing.

“Motorbike leathers are very heavy so I replaced them with lightweight trousers and carried no more than two pairs of any item such as t-shirts and socks.”

All money raised from the ride will go to Lark in The Park which is an Eastbourne charity for youngsters with special needs.

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