‘Fuming’ at pavement peril

Steve & Chermaine Frost on the corner of Channel View Rd & Seaside SUS-140810-170637001
Steve & Chermaine Frost on the corner of Channel View Rd & Seaside SUS-140810-170637001

A couple has criticised the council over dangerous pavements in the town.

Chermaine Frost, of Belle Vue Lane, is disabled and wheelchair bound.

Her husband Steven said a recent sinkhole in the pavement, and a drop kerb further up the road has left Chermaine unable to travel into town.

“One of the things she likes to do is go out on her power wheelchair to meet with her mum (also disabled) at the big Tesco’s on Lottbridge Drove. But she has not been able to do this for the last three or four weeks, because on the pavement along Seaside Road, a sinkhole has appeared. This is more than capable of tipping my wife’s wheelchair over and causing her a lot of damage.

“Normally, if there is a problem on one side of the road she would use the other side, but she can’t. The drop kerb on the corner of Channel View Road (outside Bargain Booze) is far too steep and very unfriendly to wheelchair users. It’s that steep, it’s like a take off ramp.”

He said despite reporting both the problems to East Sussex County Council, nothing has been done. He said an officer had even told his wife the problem had been fixed, only for her to go out and find the sinkhole was still there.

“She rang me almost in tears. She had got as far as the hole and had to turn round and come home. Absolutely nothing has been done, she had been lied to. I was fuming.

“The drop kerb is a danger to wheelchair users, the hole is a danger to all users of that pavement.”

Roger Williams, East Sussex County Council head of highways, said, “We were first notified of a problem with the footway in Seaside Road around three months ago, when we attended and examined the pavement, which was found to be passable at that time.

“We’d like to thank Mr and Mrs Frost for bringing to our attention the subsequent deterioration in the condition of the pavement, which appears to have been sinking as a result of a trench dug underneath it by one of the utility companies.”

Mr Williams said the council repaired the pavement on Tuesday and sent someone out to look at the drop kerb.