‘Full credit’ to Eastbourne bare knuckle boxer at BKB 20

Eastbourne bare knuckle boxer Bachir ‘Bash’ Fakhouri was knocked out by Paul ‘The Brawler’ Hilz in his professional BKB debut on Saturday (January 25) at the 02 Arena.

Sunday, 26th January 2020, 1:45 pm
Paul Hilz and Bachir Fakhouri were full of respect for eachother after the fight SUS-200126-125909001
Paul Hilz and Bachir Fakhouri were full of respect for eachother after the fight SUS-200126-125909001

Fakhouri, 39, was hit twice in quick succession by two deadly, accurate overhand right punches from ex-professional boxer Hilz at BKB 20 - a professional bare knuckle boxing event which is described by insiders as the next UFC.

Father-of-four Fakhouri showed gritty resilience to get back on his feet the first time and said it was his children who motivated him, but the second shot from Hilz was too much and the fight was called off by the referee at the packed out Indigo room at the 02 Arena.

Fakhouri said immediately after the fight, “I didn’t even see it. I came out, went to catch him and it was the overhand right, which he’s very well-known for - I didn’t even see it coming.

Bachir 'Bash' Fakhouri fought Paul 'The Brawler' Hilz at BKB 20 on Saturday (January 25) SUS-200126-125933001

“I got knocked down, I needed to get back up and carry on. I got back up and he caught me with the exact same shot again.

“When you’re in there it’s so quick. I remember the jab, then bonk on the floor and looked at my hand and saw blood and then it was just over. It is what it is, maybe I’ll be back, maybe I won’t, I need to look and watch the fight.”

Fakhouri was gracious in defeat and praised Hilz backstage afterwards, where the two caught up and spoke about the fight.

He said, “Paul’s the best of the best. I knew he was good. He punches very hard and there’s a reason why he’s known as ‘The Brawler’. He’s won fair and square. He’s an absolute gentleman, nice guy and works hard.”

Hilz said after the fight, “That overhand, I just find a home for it. Take nothing away from Bachir and full credit to him. He’s a tough man, before I put him down I knew he was a tough man, but he got caught.

“When I saw him hit the deck I had to calm down. I saw he was hurt, and I’m thinking ‘he’s going to take my head off if I don’t take his off’. I was going on momentum, so if I hit him again he’s not getting back up.”

The next BKB event will be held at the 02 Arena in the Indigo room on April 4, visit www.bkbworld.co.uk/event/4760422685 to get tickets.