Free support for those trying to kick the habit

SMOKERS looking to kick the habit this year can get free support and advice from the East Sussex Stop Smoking Service.

The service has delivered more than 3,800 stop smoking sessions since April 2011 and during that time has supported 1,800 people to quit smoking.

It provides a wide range of information about how to quit, such as the most appropriate stop smoking medicines, and gives advice and tips on how to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

Support is given in various locations with sessions tailored to meet individual needs.

Jeanette Williams, clinical service lead for the Stop Smoking Service, said, “We know that the new year is always a key time for quitters as people often want to make a fresh start to the year ahead.

“One of the most important things to do when quitting is to choose a quit date and commit to it.

“The new year provides a perfect opportunity to draw a line in the sand and commit to a smoke free life.”

There are around 80,000 deaths each year in the UK as a result of smoking related disease.

As well as the danger to health, smoking is also expensive with a person smoking 20 cigarettes a day spending over £2,500 per year on cigarettes.

Research has revealed that 60 per cent of smokers plan to quit at some point this year and that you are four times more likely to successfully quit with the help of NHS services.

For more information about the East Sussex Stop Smoking Service call 0800 9178896 or log onto