Fox rescued from under fence

Eastbourne fox caught in fence SUS-161011-083154001
Eastbourne fox caught in fence SUS-161011-083154001

Animal rescuers were urgently called to help a fox which had got trapped under a fence in Eastbourne yesterday (Wednesday).

Three veterinary ambulances from the Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service went to the incident in Mountbatten Drive.

Volunteer Chris Riddington said it looked as though the fox had got its head stuck but it was his leg that was caught between two fences.

Chris said, “We were so close to freeing him but we just couldn’t move the fence apart far enough.”

Part of the fence post had to be cut away to free the trapped animal and he was taken to the WRAS Hospital in Whitesmith.

WRAS founder Trevor Weeks said, “The fox has had quite a lucky escape. There are no open wounds or obvious injuries at present.

“We will have our vet assess the fox and keep him in now for seven days to observe for any problems that may arise from having his leg caught so tightly.

“Hopefully the fox will go on to make a full recovery from his ordeal.”