Fox chases into home after cats

A LANGNEY resident is warning people to be on their guard after a fox chased her two cats inside her home and tried to attack them.

Amanda Singhateh says she wants people to be aware foxes will go indoors after she was forced to hit it to stop it killing her cats.

In the process of trying to get the fox out of her home, Amanda’s laptop and television were both so badly damaged she is having to claim on the insurance to get them replaced.

Amanda said she was sitting in the lounge of her Faversham Road home on Saturday night last weekend when one-year-old cats Jakey and Luther ran into her lounge and hid behind the back of her television unit, closely followed by the fox.

“I heard this awful kerfuffle and the cats came hurtling in through the back door and hid,” said Amanda, whose six-year-old son Saho was upstairs in his bedroom.

“The fox was trying to get behind the unit to get at the cats, who were screeching in fright.

“I was on my laptop which ended up on the floor and managed to get hold of a parasol base and hit the fox with it.

“It wasn’t scared though, it just didn’t seem to care. It couldn’t get behind the TV unit but kept trying to get to the cats.

“I managed to crack the fox on the head and it ran outside but the cats were very distressed.”

Amanda’s laptop and television were damaged and flooring was damaged by the terrified animals.

She is now hoping insurers Prudential will pay out for the damaged goods.

Amanda said, “I want people to be on their guard and know that foxes will go inside houses. The whole thing was very frightening.”