Former Shinewater head joins new academy schools

John Greenwood Headteacher, Shinewater Primary School.
John Greenwood Headteacher, Shinewater Primary School.

Former Shinewater headteacher John Greenwood has become executive head of three schools: Heron Park and Oakwood Primary academies in Eastbourne and King Offa Primary Academy in Bexhill.

Mr Greenwood has been in education for more than 33 years in a variety of schools, ranging from a small primary to a large special school and he has been a headteacher for the last 22 years in two schools, leading them both from ‘good’ category to ‘outstanding’.

Mr Greenwood said, “I am thrilled to be joining Mosaica and Aurora Academies Trust because they have children’s achievements and parental/community involvement as the main pillars for success in their schools.

“I am particularly excited about the Paragon curriculum and know that this will be a key factor in engaging pupils in their own learning and also driving up standards in reading, writing and mathematics.

“The academies are already off to a very good start, they are currently being well led by the heads of school and now my job is to take them to the next level and to ensure that they reach excellence.”

Mr Greenwood will be supported at each academy by the current heads of school: Chris Bradshaw, Jane Foyle and James Freeston.