Former Eastbourne student embarks on 6,000 coastal walk to raise funds for a good cause

Charles Compton SUS-180117-120908001
Charles Compton SUS-180117-120908001

Former Eastbourne College Student Charles Compton is taking on a 6,000 mile walk around the coast of Britain to raise funds for the mental Health Association.

Charles explained: “Unfortunately since December 2013 my life has been significantly changed with the onset of my mental health issues.

“I went from being a relatively happy/positive person, in a job I liked as a Bridge Structural Engineer, with friends to being an unhappy and negative person, having to quit my job, being essentially homeless at points and feeling completely isolated from the world, seemingly with no trigger and for no reason.

“It has driven me to the very edge and occasionally almost beyond. I am now in a slightly better place but I still have a way to go.

“The Mental Health Foundation work in many areas including trying to influence policy and it is only with organisations like this that the changes required to the treatment of people with mental health can improve, so I am really excited to support them with any fundraising money raised.

“I am extremely grateful for any donations, or help with this challenge. It will all help towards my fundraising target, help keep me motivated during my walk and more importantly help an organisation that does a lot of good.”

He aims to walk an average of 120/125 miles a week, walking 6 days each week. The walk will take approximately 48 weeks and assuming he stays on schedule, Charles will be passing through Eastbourne in a little over a week.

You can read all about Charles’s walk. and how you can donate, on his website:

The site also shows his planned route and Charles aims to write a diary every day to keep people updated on how the walk is going.

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