‘Flower plan discussion waste of time’

COUNCILLORS wasted meeting time by discussing a motion demanding red, white and blue floral displays forthe Carpet Gardens to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee – despite the fact the authority already planned to do so.

Conservative Tom Liddiard and his LibDem rival Cllr Neil Stanley were both sent an email by one local resident suggesting the patriotic planting in 2012.

But, despite the fact he had been copied into a response saying the authority would do just that, Cllr Liddiard still decided to table a motion suggesting it to fellow councillors – much to the annoyance of the LibDems across the chamber.

Speaking at last week’s town hall meeting, Cllr Liddiard said, “We need to lead the way and show Eastbourne is a patriotic town.” Responding, a frustrated Cllr Stanley said, “I cannot work out why Cllr Liddiard wants the council to commit to something it has already done.”

Council leader David Tutt, was surprised to see a motion about flowers for next year raised alongside more pressing and important issues and criticised Cllr Liddiard for suggesting something he knew had already been dealt with.

An amended motion by Cllr Stanley merely called for the local authority to note plans were already afoot to use the Carpet Gardens to mark both the jubilee and the Olympics.