Flooded gardens are ‘danger to local children’

Local Residents L-R: Yvonne Hancock, Barbara Earl & Barbara Upton SUS-141119-101358001
Local Residents L-R: Yvonne Hancock, Barbara Earl & Barbara Upton SUS-141119-101358001

Flooding in Pevensey Bay is a danger to children and a threat to local properties, say residents.

The back gardens of some of the properties in Castle Drive are flooded and the local residents, many of whom are elderly, are struggling to get the problem solved.

Yvonne Hancock, who lives in nearby Eastbourne Road but walks her dog through the fields, says what is supposed to be a small stream has turned in to a 14ft deep pond which will not drain away.

The stream is supposed to flow out to Wallsend Road, under the road via a pipe and then out to the river. However, it has become blocked over the years and there is nowhere for the water to go but the gardens, fields and twitten which runs down the side of the properties in Castle Drive.

Ms Hancock said, “In the summer, this is a magnet for children. They were trying to sail across it in a baby bath. One of those poor children could end up face down in that water.

“It is a nightmare for the residents and many are elderly.”

Neither the council or Environment Agency has responsibility for ditches at the back of the properties.

Russell Long from the Environment Agency explained it was not the agency’s responsibility to solve the problem but he was trying to find a way to help the community.

He explained that local residents since the 1970s had annexed the ditches at the bottom off their gardens, previously owned by Pevensey Parish Council, and were responsible for keeping them clear. Over the years they have become blocked which has resulted in the flooding.

Mr Long said that while the water is encroaching on the gardens, it is not threatening the houses in Castle Drive and is therefore not a priority for the Environment Agency, – although this would change should the problem get worse.

He said, “These residents have been passed from pillar to post and while it is not my responsibility to do anything, I think I can do something to help these local people. There have been various issues but I am working to try and find a solution.”

On Monday morning (November 17) a small pump was put in to try and clear some of the water and this would continue through the winter period.