Flood warning issued along Cuckmere River

Resident living near the Cuckmere River should be prepared for flooding, a flood information service warning has said.

Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 6:32 pm
Flooding on a Sussex road

Flood warning from the Government warned residents to be prepared as flooding is possible.

The statement read: "The Cuckmere River is forecast to rise Thursday morning in response to a predicted 20mm of rain Wednesday night.

"From 3am Thursday 14 flooding could affect fields, rural roads and gardens along the Cuckmere. Impacts should be similar to recent weeks. The forecast is still uncertain though.

"There is a low probability we could see more rain and flooding may affect properties in Mill Lane and Station Road Hellingly, and near Willows car park, River Lane, North Street and Deans Place Hotel Alfriston.

"The river will peak in Alfriston by 12am Friday 14 (earlier in Hellingly). Further showers are possible Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which will need monitoring as they have the potential to increase flood risk further.

"Please plan to avoid driving through routes susceptible to flooding listed above. Please install flood protection products, if you have them. We will continue to monitor the forecast. This message will be updated by 12pm on Friday 14.