Flood warning at Pevensey Bay during today’s high tide

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The Environment Agency is warning that flooding is possible in Pevensey Bay during today’s (Wednesday, January 3) high tide at 11.45am.

Strong winds, large waves and a higher than average tide are forecast to coincide, said a spokesperson,

The spokesperson added, “At high tide beach top properties along Pevensey Bay are likely to be affected by spray generated by the strong winds and large waves.

“PCDL have been maintaining Pevensey beach in advance and have resource available to respond following the event. We are monitoring conditions.

“Tide levels are high over the next 48 hours and further Flood Alerts will be issued.”

The winds are Force 8 and blowing in a westerly direction. The forecast surge height of the waves is 0.35m.

The Environment Agency will be issuing an update at 3pm today (Wednesday).