Flats cut off without water for 48 hours

Viv Angus of Regency Park Eastbourne E03069N
Viv Angus of Regency Park Eastbourne E03069N

WATER supplies to 78 residents at Regency Park were cut off for around 48 hours last week.

Two blocks of flats, situated near Princes Park and the Sovereign Centre, were left without running water and had to rely on bottled water delivered by South East Water.

Sue Smith-Taylor, who lives in Bateman’s House at the new development, said, “We woke-up on Thursday morning and there was no water.

“There was nothing coming out of the tap so it meant we couldn’t wash up, or flush the toilet.

“My eight-year-old daughter had to go to school without a wash.”

The drought continued in the homes on Friday.

Sue called South East Water and pallets of bottled water were delivered to the homes.

She said, “We were trying not to use too much of the bottled water.

“You don’t realise how much water you use from cooking, flushing the loo and washing.”

Becca Thompson added, “It went off at about 3am and I couldn’t feed my five-month-old baby.

“My boyfriend had to go out down to Tesco and get some bottled water so we could do the feed.”

An arrangement was made by Viv Angus, who also lives in the affected block, so the people from the flats could use the facilities at Eastbourne’s Sovereign Centre, making showering possible.

Residents say the water supply stopped because of a problem with the pump.

A contractor was sent out to do a temporary fix. There is thought to be a slight reduction in pressure and residents are hoping the permanent repair does not leave them without water again.

Sue added, “We are not sure when it is going to be fixed and we are hoping the water is not going to go off again.”

Many residents feel something should have been done sooner but believe that lengthy communications between the various organisations involved, including the developer, housing association and management company, may have prevented a more speedy response.

Steven Tutt, chairman of the Regency Park Residents’ Association, said, “The housing association Home Group was trying to do everything it could for the tenants but it was struggling to get the information from OM Property Management.

“Basically, in the end it got something sorted out and sent a contractor to do a temporary fix.”

However, OM Property Management says the residents are mistaken and it was OM which organised the temporary repair.

A spokesperson from OM Property management said, “We can confirm that we were alerted to the failure of the water supply to two residential blocks at the Regency Park development on the morning of January 12.

“An electrically operated pump supplies the water to the two blocks, Penshurst House and Bateman’s House, situated in an underground pump room.

“The safety and well-being of all our residents is our utmost priority.

“We first contacted the local water company, South East Water, to ascertain if the loss of water had been caused by an interruption of their supply.

“When they confirmed that it was a localised issue to Regency Park, we immediately contacted our specialist pump maintenance contractor to attend site and assess the situation.

“They discovered that the pump room had completely flooded, all equipment was submerged and said that no action could be taken to assess the water pumps until the electricity supply was isolated and water removed from the pump room itself.

“We have apologised to our customers for the inconvenience caused by the failure of the water supply.

“A dedicated major incident team are coordinating the assessment and necessary repairs and will continue to keep residents fully informed of progress.”