Flag complaint out of order says pub landlord

Jeff the landlord of the Nuthouse PH who has been told to remove his St Georges flag as it is too noisy. June 12th 2012 E24048N
Jeff the landlord of the Nuthouse PH who has been told to remove his St Georges flag as it is too noisy. June 12th 2012 E24048N

A PATRIOTIC landlord has been told he will have to remove a giant England flag from the front of his pub because it’s too noisy.

Jeff Rolls, who runs The Nuthouse in Seaside Road, put up his 26ft by 12ft St George’s Cross at the weekend ahead of England’s Euro 2012 game against the French on Monday.

He also decorated the inside of his pub with flags and banners ready for the football.

And, he said, his punters have lapped up the extra lengths he has gone to to show his support for the national team.

However, it appears not everyone is as happy, Mr Rolls claiming that Eastbourne Borough Council has told him he may have to take the flag down after a neighbour complained it is too noisy in windy weather.

Environmental health experts were due to visit the bar earlier this week to record sound levels before making a final decision on whether or not the flag can stay.

But, according to Mr Rolls, the reaction is way over the top.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I had a bigger flag up during the last World Cup and that was not a problem.

“I am just trying to get into the spirit of things.

“It is a tough time for pubs at the moment and with the Euros on terrestrial television people have the option of just staying at home rather than going to the pub to watch the match so anything that adds to the atmosphere is important.

“I want to keep it up for the Olympics as well to show our support for the athletes taking part.

“Everyone who has come into the pub thinks it is great.”

He added that he was flabbergasted by the reaction from the town hall coming, as it has, days after council officials encouraged locals to deck their homes and streets with flags for the Jubilee celebrations.

The word from the local authority however, was slightly different.

A spokesman for Eastbourne Borough Council denied Mr Rolls had been told to remove the flag.

They said, “Following a single noise complaint regarding a flag at a public house in Eastbourne, a council officer spoke to the landlord and requested that he attempt to make the flag more secure.

“The council has not asked for the flag to be taken down.”

Mr Rolls though remained adamant that he had been told to expect a visit this week and said he was disappointed his display of patriotism had caused such a stir.