Five years in jail after long list of crimes

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A 31-year-old man who committed a string of offences across the county has been sent to jail.

Christopher Chan was sentenced to five years and eight months behind bars for multiple driving offences, two counts of burglary and a hit and run.

His offending spree took place on July 15 in Brighton and Portslade.

However, Chan was also convicted of aggravated vehicle taking, dangerous driving while disqualified and failing to provide a specimen for analysis in Eastbourne on August 16.

Chan, originally from Liverpool, pleaded guilty to 14 offences in total and was sentenced on Monday (November 19) at Lewes Crown Court by Judge David Rennie.

Detective Constable Tracey Dixon who led the investigation said, “I am pleased that Chan received a custodial sentence.

“I hope he will now take time to reflect on the consequences of his crimes and his obvious lack of regard for other human beings.”

On sentencing Chan, Judge Rennie said, “In all my years presiding in court I have never come across someone with such complete and utter contempt for the law and all those you come into contact with – ruining their lives in every way imaginable.”

The hit and run involved a Portslade woman called Michelle Greest and Judge Rennie told Chan, “On the morning you mowed down Michelle Greest, true to form, you busied yourself with committing more offences.

“You showed a complete disregard for society and its rules.”

The burglary took place on a wood flooring shop in Trafalgar Road, Portslade, and caused almost £18,000 worth of damage and thousands of pounds of stolen wood flooring has never been recovered.

Chan was also disqualified from driving for ten years.

Judge Rennie also ordered him to take an extended driving test should he ever wish to drive again after his ban.