Fishermen’s Club admits women for the first time

Fishermen's Club
Fishermen's Club

WOMEN have been allowed to join the Fishermen’s Club committee for first time ever in the club’s 67-year history.

The social club in Royal Parade has allowed women in the club for many years but not as full members.

However, since it announced it was struggling financially earlier this year, moves have been made to modernise the club.

The ladies were recently adopted on to Fishermen’s Club’s committee and it is hoped they will bring fresh ideas and help the club to continue with its two-year business rescue plan.

Richard Field, treasurer of the club, said, “Although women will not be fully paid up members until the new subscriptions are due in January 2012, with the club’s current financial problems it was felt by the old committee that they needed to create a more diverse and functional social committee in line with the club’s new business action plan and meet its legal responsibility.

“Having a social committee made up of both men and women allows for greater debate as they bring a whole new outlook with their ideas and commitment.”

The club announced it was struggling and faced with closure back in July.

Mr Field said, “Back in July the club was in severe financial difficulties I promised to do all I could to get the club back into financial stability.

“With the support and hard work of Tony Laycock, chairman, and the remaining committee members, the Fishermen’s Club is now in a much healthier financial condition.

“It will continue to flourish for months, if not years, to come.”