Fireman taking an engine to Moldova

A ROAD-TRIP with a difference is about to be undertaken by two fireman.

Retired Trevor Green and Chris Freeman, watch manager at Pevensey Fire Station, will drive a fire engine, which was formerly located at Battle, all the way to Moldova where they will deliver it in person to the local community.

It is the seventh vehicle that has been delivered overseas to poor communities in other parts of the world.

Five appliances have gone to Macedonia in the past and one has been sent to a Welsh-speaking community in South America. Chris will drive the fire engine, with Trevor at his side navigating the way.

Hardworking Chris will also be using annual leave to help deliver a week’s worth of crucial firefighting training to the country’s civil defence headquarters.

Chris said, “We are doing a week’s training in Chisinau, the capital of the country, and we’ll be providing training in pump operation as well as breathing apparatus equipment. It will be intensive training. We will be training members of the Moldavian Civil Defence, who will pass on this training to the community.

“We don’t know which village will be receiving the appliance but we know that it will be given to a village, which has no firefighting equipment and where the people are very, very poor.”

A makeshift bed will be set-up in the fire engine, so they will be able to sleep in shifts.

They were set to leave on April 28 and will be travelling as the Royal Wedding gets underway.

Trevor said he doesn’t mind missing the wedding of the year as they get treated like royalty when they arrive with an appliance as a gift for these poor communities.

Chris said, “The villagers will come in for the training to the Civil Defence headquarters and when they have completed their training they will return to the village with their appliance. They treat us like royalty they really do.”