Fire death boys were allowed to watch adult films

A pair of young boys who died when their home-made den caught alight had spent the night before watching episodes of South Park.

Lewis and Taylor Jenkins died back in 2008 and their bodies were found together under the stairs of the Milfoil Drive home they shared with their mum, Denise Goldsmith, inside a camp they had spent the previous day putting together.

An inquest into their death today (Tuesday) heard that the boys - aged seven and five - were allowed to watch 18 rated films and play violent video games as well as staying up all night.

A summary of a statement give by an 11-year-old friend who helped build the camp, Daniel Edgar, revealed that the two brothers had spent most of the night before the day they died watching episode after episode of the hit US cartoon South Park - a show which often includes characters experimenting with fire.

The coroner in charge of the inquest will now try and discover what caused the blaze, with some suggestions that the boys had developed a fascination with fire - although friends who gave evidence this afternoon say they were not aware of any such interest.

Emma Wilson, forensic scientist from Forensic Science Service in London, said the fire had started in the boys’ den and that the remains of a disposable lighter, several tea light candles and an air freshener aerosol can were found.

At the time of the fire, on Saturday, October 4, 2008, the mum was upstairs having a wash.

Speaking at Tuesday’s hearing, Georgina McCrystal said, “She [Denise] said she jumped out of the window but wished she had stayed with her babies.”

The inquest continues.

See tomorrow’s Gazette and Friday’s Herald for details coverage of the inquest.