FILMING of the latest Harry Potter blockbuster took place yesterday in Eastbourne.

Executives from film-makers Warner Bros spent Wednesday afternoon and all of Thursday at three locations around the town.

In an exclusive interview with the Eastbourne Herald, the film's location manager Sue Quinn told us why Eastbourne's picturesque downland was chosen as the setting.

She also told us that the section filmed in Eastbourne plays an important part in the storyline.

The fourth Harry Potter adaptation, The Goblet of Fire, is set to bring in millions for Warner Bros at the box office.

A contract with Eastbourne Borough Council was only signed at the last minute.

Eastbourne was vying with two other towns to provide the location for this part of the film.

Much of the movie is being shot in the studio this time round and none of the cast were in town during the filming.

This footage will be used as back-drops.

Ms Quinn said, 'We chose Eastbourne's downland because of its location. The setting close to the sea and the countryside was perfect for what we were looking for and I think it will look good in the film.

'The location is beautiful and the climate and weather were perfect today for what we were looking for.

'It's hard to say at this point in time how it will look on the screen and we wouldn't want to either.

'We're really keen not to let the plot out, that would really spoil it for the many Harry Potter fans out there.'

Filming was due to start on Monday but bad weather meant it was delayed.

Other locations have included Durham and Oxford.

According to Potter fan websites, the crew has also been at Gloucester Cathedral, Alnwick Castle, Fort William and Carnforth station.

It's believed that Harry and his friends will take part in a Quidditch match over the South Downs — but that won't be confirmed by Warner Bros.

Ms Quinn added, 'The filming we're doing in Eastbourne plays an important part in the film, for the section we're using the backdrops for.

'We'll be using blue screen technology so the actors will be imposed on the background scenery that we're filming here.'

An Eastbourne Borough Council spokesman said, 'The council is delighted about the recent filming that has taken place on the downs.

'The work of the council's Film Unit and Downland Team ensured that Eastbourne was shown in a positive light when the film crew made visits to the area beforehand.

'This resulted in Eastbourne being their preferred location.

'People are interested when filming takes place and that interest is re-ignited when the film goes to the cinema, comes out on video and again on television. The long-term benefits for the town are enormous.'

The film is due to be released in time for Christmas next year.