Film features defiant Salvation Army Marching to Music

The filming of Marching to Music
The filming of Marching to Music

THE MAKERS of docu-drama Marching to Music have filmed the first phase in Eastbourne’s New Road.

The film is about the riots which took place in Eastbourne in the late 1800s and is being made by a group of local amateur film makers.

The first of two big street scenes has now been filmed thanks to the co-operation of local residents and the town’s Portuguese community.

Other scenes are to be filmed at locations around the town in the coming weeks.

The story features Tom Boniface, a fisherman and lifeboatman, and the defiance of the Salvation Army against a local bye-law forbidding them to march in the town with their band playing.

Since the film project was featured in the Herald in May, several of Tom Boniface’s descendants have contacted the Riot Film Group with offers of help.

The makers have also received help from the How We Lived Then Museum of Shops in Cornfield Terrace.

The not-for-profit film is intended for use in schools and museums but because the story is set in 1891, costumes and other costs are significant and an appeal for support is now being made.

The makers hope the business community and other organisations will be able to help out.

The film team and actors are giving their time for free and any surplus money will be divided equally between the Salvation Army and the RNLI.

Anyone who can help with the project is asked to call Malcolm Webster, the producer of the film, on 769016 or email Irene Graven at