Fighting parking woe with posters

David Waldock of Carcare in Langney Road
David Waldock of Carcare in Langney Road

A TOWN centre businessman angered by proposed changes to parking regulations has plastered his shop front with homemade posters criticising the county council.

David Waldock, who runs Carcare in Langney Road, was told by police to take down some of the signs he originally put up last Wednesday (June 15) which contained an offensive word.

He replaced them the next day with around 40 sheets of A4 paper which say, variously, “The county council have got the parking wrong again”, “over one year, over £1 million of your money” and “the county council have asked for my posters to be removed”.

Mr Waldock said it was in response to the proposals unveiled by County Hall bosses last week, which suggest switching existing pay-and-display bays in Langney Road to one-hour maximum stay while converting four of them to disabled bays.

This outraged Mr Waldock, who claimed the county council had reneged on an agreement with local traders.

He said, “The problem Langney Road has got is it is the only road that is physically attached to the town centre where you can park.

“People turn up, park in the short-term bays, go shopping and our customers have to find somewhere else to park.

“We had suggested turning one side of the road into 15 minutes free parking and double the price on the other side of the road to cover it. The council agreed with all of that.

“But now they’ve changed it, turned four of the bays into disabled bays and turned the two-hour parking areas into one hour.

“The council told me 15 minute free bays were ‘unworkable’ but they’re doing it in Meads. That’s what really fired me into action.”

East Sussex County Council said it had met with Mr Waldock and other local traders and ‘talked at length’ about how to improve the situation in Langney Road.

A spokesman said, “He made some very valid points and we have tried to reflect his suggestions in the proposals, so we are surprised to hear he does not think they will help to improve things.